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We utilize a whole-person approach to health issues by treating the physical, nutritional, and energetic aspects of the person.  We form a compassionate healing partnership with our patients through in-office treatments, herbal therapy, dietary therapy and patient education.  Rather than simply treating symptoms, we base treatments on an individual's presentation of energetic disharmony.  We are committed to treating each patient as a unique entity.  

 Chinese Medicine directs that we must treat the root and branch of disease because symptoms tend to reoccur if underlying health issues are ignored.   Homeopathy regards health as a balance between mind and body.  Homeopathics seek to uniquely unlock the healing process in each person.
Computerized Health/Nutritional Assessment (LSA) is the process of gathering information from the patient by accessing the body's "information windows".

Additional Certifications:  AIT-Acupuncture Injection Therapy, Bio-Energetics Practitioner, Cancer Care (3 years post-graduate training), Diabetes, Functional Endocrinology, Gynecology, Homotoxicology, Japanese Meridian Therapy/Toyo Hari, Low Level Laser, Lyme Disease Protocols, Medical Qi Gong, Advanced Nutritional Counseling, Thyroid Protocol, TCM Traumatology and Therapeutic Exercise

Clinic Location:
Northside Plaza
4849 SE 110th St, Suite 59
Belleview, Florida 34420


What is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is the insertion of small, fine needles into the body at specific points which have been empirically proven effective in the treatment of specific disorders.  These points have been mapped by the Chinese over a period of 5000 years.  Recently their location has been confirmed by electro-magnetic research. Acupuncture regulates the flow of Qi (energy) shunting it to those areas where it is deficient and draining it from where it is excessive.  Thus acupuncture regulates and restores the harmonious energetic balance of the body.  In Chinese there is a famous dictum.  “There is no pain if there is free flow; if there is pain, there is no free flow”. 

Treatment Preferences Style/Type:
Auricular Acupuncture
Five-Element Acupuncture
Japanese Acupuncture
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
Trigger Point Acupuncture

Treatment Techniques:
Gua Sha

What does Acupuncture treat?
The World Health Organization has publicly announced that acupuncture is suitable for treating the following (but not limited to):  Ear, Nose, and Throat: Toothaches, pain after tooth extraction/surgery, gingivitis, acute or chronic otitis, acute sinusitis, acute rhinitis, nasal catarrh, acute tonsilitis Respiratory Disorders:  Bronchial asthma (children and adults when uncomplicated) Eye Disorders:  Acute conjunctivitis, central retinitis, nearsightedness (children), and cataracts without complications Neurological and Muscular Disorders: Headaches, migraines, trigeminal neuralgia, facial paralysis (within the first 3-6 months), post-stroke paralysis, peripheral neuritis, neurological bladder dysfunction, intercostal neuralgia, bed wetting, cervical syndrome, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, sciatica, back pain and osteoarthritis.  In addition, acupuncture has been used for centuries in China to treat a host of other problems.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of what Acupuncture is capable of treating, but rather a small glimpse  into the true possibility of what this medicine can really do.  

Allergies                             Arthritis
Asthma                               Back and Disc Problems
Blood Pressure                    Breathing/Lungs
Cancer/Oncology                 Cholesterol
Colds, Cough and Flu            Depression/Anxiety
Diabetes                             Diet and Nutrition
Digestion or Intestine         Eating Disorders
Emotional Well-being           Eyes
Feet                                    Muscle Aches, Sprains and Strains
Hearing/Speech                  Neck and Shoulder Pain 
Headache/Migraine            Orthopedics
Heart                                 Sexual Dysfunction
Pain Management                Skin Problems/Dermatology
Sleep/Insomnia                  Spinal Problems Sports Medicine Stress                                Urology
Weight Management

What is Photonic Light Lymphatic Drainage?
Cells have an electromagnetic charge that either helps to bind them together or keep them apart.  Overburdened cells in the lymph system can clump together and bond electrically with water, potentially resulting in chronic inflammation and edema - which in turn may lead to serious disease conditions in the body.  The LBG® works by helping to rebalance the charge of the cells' electromagnetic fields.  Using cold-gas light photons and extremely low-energy electromagnetic frequency patterns, the LBG® helps separate these cells from each other and their accumulated fluids.  This enables the body to rapidly rid itself of inflammation, swelling, abnormal growths, and other lymph blockages.  The LBG® is non-invasive technology and uses extremely low current and negatively charged light photons to provide compatible frequencies to blocked areas resulting in cells correcting their out-of-balance condition and disassociating themselves from the binding agents responsible for swelling and blockage.  Rapid movement of waste materials within the cell can then occur, greatly increasing the delivery of waste material to the organs responsible for body waste disposal.  The efficiency of hands-on therapy is increased as the free-flow of proteins speeds the healing process.  As waste material is now more effectively moving within the body, day-to-day factors like eating habits, body structure, nutrition, medication and mental health can be addressed to provide a successful formula for restoring and then maintaining health.

What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a whole medical system that originated in Europe and has been practiced in the United States since the early 19th century.  Homeopathy regards health as a balance between mind and body.  Imbalance in mind or body can cause disease or dysfunction.  Homeopathic therapy seeks to uniquely unlock the healing process in each person.  Homeopathy, discovered over 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann, MD, is based on the principal that “like cures like.”  This means that a remedy which causes certain symptoms if given to a healthy person will cure the same symptoms in a sick person.  Homeopathic remedies are tinctures of plants, minerals, and other biological materials, highly diluted until only the atomic structure of the original substance remains.  Since remedies operate on a molecular level, there are no toxic chemical side-effects from the medicine, making homeopathy particularly effective for infants, children, hypersensitive individuals and older patients.

What is Computerized Health/Nutritional Assessment?
 EDS/LSA is the process of gathering information from the client or patient by accessing the body's "information windows."  This is done by introducing a small electrical current to predetermined acupuncture points on the body and collecting the data for evaluation.  A trained practitioner is able to see energy patterns produced by this screening and can incorporate these findings in the patient's overall healthcare plan.  Speed, accuracy and convenience make the LSA the next step in helping the patient achieve and sustain greater levels of long-term whole health.
Schedule your LSA appointment today to experience a health paradigm and start living life the way it was meant to be lived:  full of energy, motion and abundance.

Why get one?
Health practitioners use ZYTO products to help us make better wellness maintenance decisions about our patients. That's why ZYTO (LSA) technology is referred to as decision support technology.  The LSA is painless and non-invasive.  It's important to note that ZYTO scans do not treat or diagnose any disease or illness.

Now offering ZYTO Remote scans.
With ZYTO Remote we can run ZYTO (LSA) scans on our patients anywhere in the world. Using a Windows PC Computer, an internet connection and a simple app we can connect with patients to provide the same valuable information and services without being limited by the physical location of our office.

With ZYTO Remote we can:
    Assist patients that may not have time to come to our office.
    Maintain relationships with patients who may have moved away.
    Run ZYTO scans on behalf of other licensed practitioners.

How do I, as your patient, get started?
When you purchase a ZYTO Remote they will ship a Hand Cradle directly to you. You need only follow the included instructions to download the ZYTO Remote App and quickly connect (through the internet) with us, our clinic, and the power of ZYTO scan technology.

Give us a call 352-307-7922 with any questions or to place an order for your own Hand Cradle.

         Now offering the latest cutting edge technology of EVOX How Perception Reframing Can Improve Your Health, Relationships and Performance.  Old perceptions that may be stuck and damaging are released and you become free to choose better ways.  EVOX is a mental/emotional reframing.  Evox can help with repetitive thinking, depression, emotionally disconnected, anger, being fearful or overwhelmed, unworhty/undeserving feelings...just to name a few.  Call now for more information or to schedule your appointment.

Visit  www.ZYTO.com  for more information on LSA/ZYTO and EVOX. 

Lynne C. Sheppard, AP, DOM  is a state licensed, Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  Her course of study included Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Japanese acupuncture, herbal formulation, homeopathy and quantum/bioenergetic medicine, (Computerized Health/Nutritional Assessment - EDS/LSA).  She has resided in Marion County, Florida for the past 30 years, previously as a successful Horse Trainer.  After seeing what acupuncture and homeopathy could do for her animals, (with animals there is no placebo effect), she realized that it was time for a career change and decided to help people with the same amazing medicine and results.  Upon graduating from the Florida School of Acupuncture in Gainesville, Florida in 1997, The Whole Health Institute was opened in March, 1998 in Belleview, Florida, and is a multi-modality alternative/complementary health care center, treating everything from aches and pains to cancer.  Lynne combines the ancient wisdom of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with the latest cutting edge technology of EDS/LSA, and Photonic Light Lymphatic Drainage to better care for her patients’ medical needs.  The way we treat you is how we would like to be treated ourselves.  She has extensive experience, and enthusiasm for her patients’ well being.  Thousands of patients have received her effective treatments since the opening of her clinic.

Whole Health Institute
Taking care of our community’s Natural Health needs since the last millennium

Clinic Location:
Northside Plaza
4849 SE 110th Street, Suite 59
Belleview, Florida  34420

Mailing Address only:
5743 SE Robinson Road
Belleview, FL  34420

(352) 307-7922
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Get your Qi flowing.  The ancient practice of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has helped billions of people get well and stay healthy.  Don't you think it is time you tried it?

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