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"I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lynne Sheppard’s for over 20 years. That’s a bit of a miracle since the doctors gave me a life expectancy of 10 years after a motor vehicle accident that left me a C6/7 quadriplegic. I truly believe that Dr. Sheppard has not only kept me alive, but healthy and thriving ... and prescription med-free! I came out of the hospital on 18 prescription drugs taken multiple times a day and I was a zombie. I was warned by my doctors that some of the meds could destroy my liver and some could cause a stroke, even death, if I missed taking them as prescribed. But more than anything, I was in a mental fog and emotional depression. The first three months Dr. Sheppard worked with me were very intense - I had a lot of work to do along side her, guiding me. Safely and cautiously being weaned off of the drugs was a focus as was detoxing, building physical strength, and strengthening my mental and spiritual bases. As time passed, my regimen became simpler and simpler so that today I am on a daily maintenance program and only see Dr. Sheppard when the odd ailment presents itself to me. I may be a quadriplegic, but I am active, vibrant, healthy and contribute to my family and community way beyond what was predicted all those years ago. And I credit my amazing, gifted healer for that. Thank you, Dr. Sheppard, not just for my life, but for a quality of life we all deserve."  ~LT

"I have been using Lynne and the Whole Health Institute as my primary health care for at least 15 years.  I trust her, and she won't pull any punches.  She tells me what I need to know and what I need to do to be healthy.  I DO NOT trust the AMA and Big Pharma.  That is why I choose the non invasive, natural route, and Whole Health Institute fits the bill..." ~LI


"I cannot recommend a visit to Whole Health Institute highly enough! 
Since I have been a patient at the Whole Health Institute my health and overall well-being have improved tremendously. Although the problems that actually brought me through the door are no longer an issue, the cascade of positive effects in so many other areas as a result of the therapy have really brought my feeling of health and well-being to a completely different level. Just give her a try and you will be a believer! As the positive things add up you slowly realize the real impact that a person like Dr. Lynne Sheppard can have on YOUR life as YOU live it if you let her. 
Initially for me, I found my self asking things like; "Hey, why aren't my feet cold? Wait a minute, did I just stretch and yawn? Why aren't my feet cracking like popcorn when I get up in the morning? Weren't they?" Yeah, they were. From pain management to emotional healing, to tackling other major health issues, I can't tell you to go see Dr. Lynne Sheppard for any one thing. But I can tell you to go for all the little things that add up to far better living. And the big things? They become so small.
If you are tired of talking to the doctor and watching your words fly past or bounce right off, try the Whole Health Institute. The name says it all. Dr. Sheppard takes a practical approach to your wellness from multiple directions. If you are open to accepting wellness from taking positive action, whether through Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Holistic application, the Whole Health Institute has got the goods."  ~SB


If you are a current patient and would like to share your experience at Whole Health Institute with others, please e-mail your testimonial to:  wholehealth7922@gmail.com
Thank you for your help and your trust.

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